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~ White City Graves

(Duplicated CD)
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Product Notes

In society there are people who commit nefarious deeds. Self destructive acts or crimes against others. This evil exists in all walks of life. It's taking place right now outside your door. White City Graves are the ones bringing these acts to light. Observations of the seedy underbelly the world has to offer. Their name alone, White City Graves, is reflective of this. A name inspired by H.H. Holmes, America's first serial killer. White City Graves' sound has been liken to that of the great horror rockers that have come before them, such as; The Misfits, Motorhead and White Zombie. This rakish style rock is an infusion of riff rock and punk. Driving beats and catchy guitar lines coupled with growling vocals makes for rowdy live show. Here's what people are saying about White City Graves: '... Your music rocks and paints a picture of what would undoubtedly be a snarling live performance. Seems like you're too talented to be classified with the punk genre but that's just our humble opinion and everybody plays music that's been influenced by different artists. All this merges as talent and experience begins to replace teenage angst and some grow to play better than some of those we originally admired...' Ken & Geri - Longshot Productions '...Music definitely feels like it has that consistent creepy sort-of-misfits feel, which is cool...' Out Of Step Entertainment White City Graves is relentless in their schedule for gigging. They have been working their local scene for the better part of a year now and building a solid, loyal fan base. Over this last summer they put together a short tour of the West Coast (Washington, Oregon and California). In which they had a show at the world famous Whisky A Go Go. A show that was such a resounding success that it even captured the attention of the staff of the club. With a sound tech informing them that they needed to relocate to L.A. Stating they would make a killing down there. Over the course of that tour they made their money to get from town to town by selling their merchandise. They had originally packed several hundred CDs and T-Shirts. By the time they had reached Carlsbad, CA, (Roughly the half way point of the tour) they had sold out of merchandise. Which was a good and bad point. Great that people had accepted them so well, but bad because now they had no promotional material for the remaining shows. Especially since the following night was is in Oakland, CA and the Bay Area is a large, influential, rock area. In the coming months White City Graves is planning the release of their first full legnth album titled 'Wilmington' An album that will showcase the full range of their sound. This release will be promoted by another upcoming tour.

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Artist: White City Graves
Title: Wilmington
Genre: Heavy Metal
Attributes: Duplicated CD
Release Date: 9/27/2013
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5638172394
UPC: 884501970495
Item #: 869635X
This product is a special order