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Night Sky Revelations

Night Sky Revelations


~ Within Runes

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Product Notes

Close your eyes. Imagine traveling toward warming rays of sunlight on the horizon. Feel the breeze on your skin. Now breathe deeply and let the beat pulse through you. You have entered the world of Within Runes. The energy of the rising sun gives way to starlit nighttime reflection. Experience unbreakable bonds and tidal waves while journeying through sunken cities. Hear ancient battle cries. Gaze into mirror-like pools and watch patterns unfold. Trek through drenching rain, beyond earth's atmosphere, and into gilded palaces. At the end of it all, solemn towers rust before you in the distance, silhouetted by the setting sun. In September of 2009, two musicians were united by their passion for audible artistic expression. They formed an idea. That idea began to grow and take shape, evolving into the act now known as Within Runes. Two years after it's inception, the band released their debut album 'Night Sky Revelations'. The album fuses synthesized sounds and beats with live instruments and vocals, combining many genres of music. The mood of the album flows from melodic and uplifting to heavy and powerful to dream-like and soothing. 'Night Sky Revelations' was completely self-produced by the members of Within Runes-Rosso and Selig-from start to finish. The work is entirely original. There are no samples or borrowed sounds, and no attempt to conform to existing types of music. A benefit of being completely independent is that Within Runes' songs are written in an unfiltered and uncompromised way, direct from the band to the listener. The music was composed and recorded, surprisingly, using little more than a laptop, a USB interface, a condenser microphone, instruments, and vocal cords. Despite this, Within Runes manages to achieve professional quality sound in their recordings. On the songwriting process for 'Night Sky Revelations', Selig comments, "Fairly often, our songwriting approach involves closing our eyes and imagining beautiful places. The images tend to be of nature, the night sky, the sun, and the cosmos." He adds, "We want our music to transport the listener to new places in their imagination and mind." This approach is reflected in the themes found throughout 'Night Sky Revelations', which conjure images of other worlds and outer space. The two members of Within Runes possess a natural affinity for creating music. Rosso says of Selig, "Nelson has a way of giving order to complete madness. He has a sense of the bigger picture. When we wrote these songs, he was able to guide the structure of the arrangements in a way that made them a million times better." On Rosso, Selig comments, "Nate has a great gift for vocal melodies and harmonies. His mind naturally works out multiple layers of harmony with ease. It's like breathing for him." The duo each began making music at a young age. Nelson started playing bass at age thirteen. He quickly began writing songs and founded the band Prefect in 2000. He has been a student of music since then, taking music lessons from a retired Berklee professor. In 2010, a track that had been produced by Nelson and a former band of his was featured on DJ Shadow's 'Remix Project' album. Nathaniel was involved in chorus throughout school, starting in fourth grade. He received his first guitar when he was seventeen. Nathaniel composed electronic music under the moniker 'Reaver' from 2000 to 2008. In college, he participated in an a cappella group. Nathaniel and Nelson first started making music together in 2005 when Nathaniel joined as the fourth member of Prefect. During that time, they gained valuable studio experience recording with an engineer who is now in the Blue Man Group. Although Prefect ultimately disbanded after completion of their debut album in 2006, that was just the beginning of Nathaniel and Nelson's songwriting partnership. As fate would have it, the two decided to form a new band in 2009. Thus, Within Runes was born.

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Artist: Within Runes
Title: Night Sky Revelations
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 12/13/2011
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 26134508
UPC: 700261345086
Item #: 166185X


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