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Seems I Dream

Seems I Dream


~ Zac & the Grinz

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Product Notes

I have heard it said in the music industry that it is 70% how you look, 25% how you sound, and 5% what you say. Everything is about marketing - crafting an image - building a fan base - creating a machine so that you will succeed. And here I am on CD baby trying to formulate the right words to capture the interest of whomever might stumble on here. But I'm not so interested in crafting an image or coming up with a marketing scheme - but I am interested in sharing. This music is for music's sake. To me the success had already happened. The album is done and it's beautiful. So what is the music? I have to select a genre for all these distribution hubs. And honestly I don't know what genre to pick. Folk? Rock? Pop? Well - not pop. Maybe folk/rock/world/soul. You know those albums where all the songs kind of sound the same. This isn't one of those albums. And each song isn't so different that it annoys the hell out you either. It moves well. And there are variety of styles but it all has a connected feeling - after all it's one writer and one band. When we play live it's two acoustic guitars or a guitar and mandolin, bass, and drums and with lots of vocal harmonies. But with the studio it was fun to fill in space with keys, electric guitar, cello, percussion ...etc. Also I'm a big lyricist. Most all my favorite musicians are strong lyrically. Whether you are one to listen to lyrics or not, I still believe lyrics somehow imbue a song. If you are one to pay attention to lyrics - you appreciate the likes of Dylan, Simon, Cohen, etc - I think you will like this album. I think the great lyric writers tried to touch something behind the surface of things. That's what this album tries to do. And I think you should know that I and the guys in the band have a bent towards optimism. So there's a feel good quality to the whole thing - it's bright, sunny, happy. If you should buy this album I hope it makes you feel good. Peace, zac.

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Artist: Zac & the Grinz
Title: Seems I Dream
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 4/17/2013
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5638107493
UPC: 884501891875
Item #: 645236X
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