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Electric Wizard-Dopethrone (Mini LP Sleeve)

Dopethrone (Mini LP Sleeve) [CD] [Import]
~ Electric Wizard


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Product Notes

Considered by many to literally be The Heaviest Band In The World, Electric Wizard is more like a cult than a band. The Wizard conjure up visions of Alistair Crowley having a black trip with HP Lovecraft, whilst gazing at the most far out biker flicks ever created. This, combined with the crustiest gravity defying Doom riffs and drones, Electric Wizard have one mission: To Destroy! Plastic Head.


Electric Wizard
Dopethrone (Mini LP Sleeve)
Rock - Heavy Metal
13 June 2006
IMPORT-GBR DIGIPAK ~ Discs:1 ~ Country:UK
Rise Above
Compact Disc

Track Listing

  Track # Title
1 1. Vinum Sabbath
2 2. Funeralopolis
3 3. Weird Tales
4 4. Barbarian
5 5. I, the Witchfinder
6 6. We Hate You
7 7. Dopethrone
8 8. Hills Have Eyes
9 9. Mind Transferral (Bonus Track)
# Title
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